Dining Rooms, Conferences and Events


There are four separate dining halls that can accommodate between 50 and 500 guests at one time.

The wood paneling and the lighting are relaxing.

The beautifully decorated buffets and the uncompromising service make meals at Eshel Hashomron pure enjoyment.

Separate groups can request private dining rooms.

Shilo Hall is a dining room and intimate hall compatible for family events up to about 55 people.

Ariel Hall is a spacious dining room with a decorative wood ceiling and soft lighting looking out over the swimming pool can hold up to 130 people.

Shomron Hall and Yehuda Hall are used as conference halls and/or dining rooms which can each accommodate up to 200 people seated around tables. Yehuda and Shomron halls are separated from each other by a removable acoustic wall. As one hall they can accommodate up to 500 people seated around tables.